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MS Access - Debug ??strsql

Hi Experts,

Why'll in debug mode within MS Access, VBA I noticed that a co-worker had me open a window in the bottom of the screen (will need to know how to open the window)

and the co-worker type in something like:
?? strsql and hit enter

That brought up something like:
EXEC and the name

I forgot how the co-worker did this and that is the reason for this post?

Please help and thanks...
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Jim Horn
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Ok that opens the window.

But I guess I am not typing the correct command

I am typing:
I get
Compile error:
Expected: expression

What am I doing wrong?

Please help and thanks
Never mind

I should type in:

One ?, not two
Also, you can write statements in your code like the example below that will print to the Immediate Window. I often use this when development/troubleshooting code to see what a particular variable's value is at a certain point in execution.

debug.print strsql

Open in new window