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Making an exact image of a compactflash

Hi Experts,

I need help copying a compact flash . I would like to do create an exact image of a compactflash that has windows CE on it. I tried few software but was unsuccessful. I have tried to copy it from a windows 8 machine and also from an Ubuntu machine.
my compact flash has 3 partitions:
1 partition with 102MB has FAT16
1 partition with 24MB the partition seems to be a 0XDA
1 partition with 2.1MB the partition seems to b 0XD5

How can I accomplish that?
I tried macrium Reflect it didn't work , I tried HDD RAW copy tool but it says the file is locked .
I don't know what else to try to make an exact copy of this CompactFlash

Can someone help me ?
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Scott C
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I found this freeware program:

Raw Copy by Roadkil -

This is a low-level program that doesn't try to be clever, but appears to successfully do a byte-by-byte clone of any card or drive that a PC can "see", even in the most difficult of circumstances.
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Thanks Scott for your prompt response.
I have tried this one before and it doesn't work for me
Ok, wasn't sure that was the one you mentioned in your post.

I've seen CF duplicators, but those can be pricey...$800 on up.
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$800 will be too much , I just need to back it up in case mine get corrupted . we just had one corrupted and we spent $200 to replace it and waited 2 weeks for it.
I figured so.   This would be if you needed to mass produce them.

Does the data change on it?  If not, then you might want to consider getting another one and creating it from scratch so you have your backup.
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John Tsioumpris
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Scott , I don't think the Data change on it but I am  I am not sure what you mean by " creating from scratch " .

Thanks John , I haven't tried that one, I will download it right now and try it.
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Thank you John. It works!!!

So here is what happened:
My original CompactFlash was 256MB big , but only using 122MB out of it. After making an image with your software I needed to restore it to another 256MB , it wouldn't work on a 128MB. I guess the image also take the un-partition disk as well ( which is fine)

The other issue I got is if I don't Click "read" right away that the software detect the drive, then the flash is being locked and your software can't read from it. So after few tries I understood that I need to lock the drive  before something else lock it.

Anyway , I am glad it worked now I have a good backup .
thank you for your help.