powershell - wmi access denied issues

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Trying to acquire disk information for a collection of 'supposedly' identical servers.  These were all built the same - all W2k8R2.
The wmi query works using my admin ID, however I'm trying to get it setup with a service account.
So, the same exact script executes fine with this service account ONLY against 3 of the 10 servers.
I've verified wmi/gpo/dcom permissions - they seem identical (though I can recheck any if requested).
What else could be preventing the connection to these servers?

I even attempted, as a test, to provide the -credential parameter and supply my credentials - that also failed.
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When I've set this up, for the queries I wanted to do, I needed:
- to add the user under Computer Management > WMI Control > Properties > Security tab > Security button > allow both Enable Account and Remote Enable for the specified user.  Make sure you have the right namespace selected, or if root is selected make sure the permission applies to subnamespaces.
- Add the user to the Distributed COM Users group on the local machine

Tested using a domain account that is not a member of any other groups.

Noticed a slightly different error message in PS depending on which of the two items above wasn't done (so maybe post the exact error you're seeing).

Edit:  Went back and verified some details.
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Ah, all that led me to seeing that the local group admins does not contain my domain group on those servers... I think that's it.  It will take me a bit to confirm.

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