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Generate SSL Certificate for Network Device (Switch/Appliance)

Need some help figuring out what kind of certificate to generate for some HP Procurve switches.  In the past we've just generated a self-signed certificate and were able to manage them via a browser no problem.  Now most browsers dont like these kind of certificates.

We tried generating a cert but it requires a host and domain name.  
We browse to these devices via  so the cert is valid but doesn't match the address we're browsing to and we get a certificate warning.  

Is there a way to base it off the IP address of the device?  Or do i need to create a dns entry for these devices?
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Will give it a shot thanks!
cool. it isn't that hard a process; if you are doing a two level (CA and server certs) you need the CA cert in the browser to verify the server cert; XCA can do SAN as a self-signed, but as you say, browsers tend to complain a bit about those.

If you have any specific questions, go ahead and post them here :D
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That was the trick! Thanks!