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How can I best search for this data in a larger string, where the number of spaces in between each word can vary?   regex?  

MOTHER             RACE       GENDER    AGE (DOB)      SSN      PHONE
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That's what I would use.  I would also use word boundaries to make sure it doesn't match in the middle of a word - ex: TRACE
myRegExp.Pattern = "\s*\b(MOTHER|RACE|GENDER|AGE|\(DOB\)|SSN|PHONE)\b\s*"

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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
OK,  thanks.  I know regular expressions stuff is powerful, but I have not used them much.   In your example of TRACE, I would not want that to match because, even thought it contains RACE.   There would only ever be spaces between MOTHER and RACE, so I would want "MOTHER     TRACE" to not match.
>>  In your example of TRACE, I would not want that to match because, even thought it contains RACE
That's exactly why I included the "\b" (word boundary) delimiters.  The expression above would match RACE, but not if it is part of a larger word.

Are you looking for the entire substring "MOTHER             RACE       GENDER    AGE (DOB)      SSN      PHONE" in that specific order in a larger string (with varying spaces between the words of course), OR are you looking for any of those words?  The regex I posted looks for each of those words -- the "|" means "OR".  In other words it states, match "MOTHER OR RACE OR ..."
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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
Also, I need the index/offset of that substring within a larger string
HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
Ah, sorry.  I'm looking for a string with ALL those words, with varying spaces between the words.
OK, then change the "|" to "\s+"
myRegExp.Pattern = "\s*\b(MOTHER\s+RACE\s+GENDER\s+AGE\s+\(DOB\)\s+SSN\s+PHONE)\b\s*"

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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
ah, great!  that works.  So in english, what does this search string do?  

search for a string that begins and ends with spaces, and

Inside the parens is the string to search for, and

\s+ means there can be any number of spaces .

What does the \b mean?
>> \s+ means there can be any number of spaces .
\s is not limited to a single space character (as in spacebar).  It also takes into account \t, \r, \f, \n.  If you want just "spacebar" characters, you will need to change \s to spacebar (literally).  The "+" means one or more.  Meaning that there must be at least one space in between the words.

The \b stands for "Word Boundary", which prevents matching in the "middle" of a larger string.  For instance, if your input string had:
"MOTHER             RACE       GENDER    AGE (DOB)      SSN      PHONES" but you only want PHONE (singular), then the \b would prevent PHONES from matching.

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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!
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