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Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension Error

Initial setup was Microsoft Server 2003 with Exchange Server 2003 installed.

Migrated exchange to the cloud and tried to uninstall/delete Exchange 2003.

System was working fine.

Upgraded Server 2003 Enterprise to 2008 Enterprise.  Upgrade seemed to go ok but now I am unable to edit users (add, change etc)
Get snapin error:
Microsoft Active Directory  - Exchange Extension
Facility: Win32
Id no : c007007e

The uninstall of Exchange was not very clean.  Directory still exists with many files.  Unable to remove with Add/Remove Programs.
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Scott C
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You upgraded Server 2003 to 2008 before you uninstalled Exchange 2003?  

If that is true, I'd hazard a guess that the AD schema made changes that Exchange 2003 doesn't understand.

Exchange (any version) doesn't deal well (to put it mildly)  with upgrading the OS underneath it.  It is not a supported process.

You might have to put a call into MS to get AD straightened out.
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Tim Carney


No tried to uninstall exchange before any upgrade.  Was done months ago.

Just past weekend did I upgrade server to 2008.  

Also no Exchange related services running.
Ok.  Wanted to make sure, but parts of Exchange were still there when you did the upgrade.  

Something must have been left in the schema that caused the issue.  

If possible I'd get MS involved and get both Exchange and Directory Services involved unless somebody on here has run into this.
Is does not matter about Schema changes, they cannot be undone anyway and they are dormant when you uninstall Exchange anyway.
Old servers that were not uninstalled will be in the Configuration partition of AD which is where you want to look for part still visible, use the ADSIEDit tool to view it (see Services, Microsoft Exchange).
Found the section in AD as you mentioned but what should I actually do?
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Peter Hutchison
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