VBA error on form code

I had been running a form code that enters data into a spreadsheet.
It was working accurately, until I added three txtbox & three labels, now I get an error on line below, which enters a formula into column A on whatever sheet it is on.

Again, this was working properly, so the code is good, just adding the Discount, ED & Min Reduction were added now the formula below is an error.
I will attach the project if this will help.

       .Range("A" & lngNextRow).Formula = "=INDIRECT(""AK""&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT(""B""&ROW())<>"""","" ("","""")&INDIRECT(""B""&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT(""B""&ROW())<>"""",""-"","""")&INDIRECT(""C""&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT(""B""&ROW())<>"""","") "","""")&"" ""&INDIRECT(""E""&ROW())&"" ""&INDIRECT(""AM""&ROW())&"" ""&INDIRECT(""AL""&ROW())"""

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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
There's nothing in that line that refers to anything on a form which is where I assume the new textboxes and labels are.

Have you tried entering the formula manually? If you can get it to work manually, converting it to VBA shouldn't be too hard.
Indirect does not handle active sheet or active cell

Before your call you can debug using the following
Debug.Print Application.ActiveSheet().ToString()
Debug.Print Application.ActiveCell().ToString()
//If not what you want
 Workbooks("BOOK1 XLS"). Worksheets("Sheet1 ").Activate

On that note create dynamic functions for each step of the way.
Euro5Author Commented:
I know, the line just enters the formula, the only relationship is that it works with the code where the other data is entered into the spreadsheet.
Yes, I have it working manually and I have it working on the old form just fine.
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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Can you show the manually entered formula?
Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)Excel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Though I have not downloaded your large file, see if the following line works without an issue..
Range("A" & lngNextRow).Formula = "=INDIRECT(""AK""&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT(""B""&ROW())<>"""","" ("","""")&INDIRECT(""B""&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT(""B""&ROW())<>"""",""-"","""")&INDIRECT(""C""&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT(""B""&ROW())<>"""","") "","""")&"" ""&INDIRECT(""E""&ROW())&"" ""&INDIRECT(""AM""&ROW())&"" ""&INDIRECT(""AL""&ROW())"

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Euro5Author Commented:
Manually entered

=INDIRECT("AK"&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT("B"&ROW())<>""," (","")&INDIRECT("B"&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT("B"&ROW())<>"","-","")&INDIRECT("C"&ROW())&IF(INDIRECT("B"&ROW())<>"",") ","")&" "&INDIRECT("E"&ROW())

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Euro5Author Commented:
That was it!!!!  I had the .Range  instead of the usual Range
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Replace your VBA formula with the manual one.
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