Numa and vnuma

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have a question regarding vNuma, NUMA.
Is there any advantage of enabling numa?
Noticed estop shows that some vm has 0 on numa column and some shows 1 and others -
Does this means that numa is enabled?
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Yes, it's always recommended that NUMA is enabled on the HOST Server.

see here

This is recommendations for a Dell R710, not sure what your host server is, but the same recommended to enable.

Generally, if your hardware supports Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA), you should enable it.

Yes enable it. VMs with over 8 vcpus will have vnuma enabled for them be default..if I recall correctly! You can also use an advanced VM setting to force it to split across multiple numa nodes for better balance/performance.

As per the above post , if there is a number 0,1,2 then its enabled, if its just a - then it isnt

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