Laptop recommendation

I am basically looking for the most powerful laptop on the market right now.  Windows.  I want the highest options possible.  I7, solid state drive, touch, etc.

I have looked at the Dell XPS 13 and the Lenovo Y50.  I currently own a Surface Pro 3 and can't stand it due to the throttle feature on the CPU.  

I am a web designer and run heavy applications constantly including tomcat, wamp, netbeans, adobe cs, photoshop etc.  Need something that can handle it well.

What are your recommendations.
Shaye LarsenAsked:
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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions ConsultingCommented:
Dell xps 15 is what you are looking for. Loaded it's around $2300

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Some of the most powerful laptops are gaming laptops.  Dell bought out AlienWare years ago and kept their product line separate.  AlienWare laptops offer power as well as customization flexibility:
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
I bought one of these 18 months ago and use it for both gaming and work.  I can spin up a 5-6 Exchange server environment with no problems.

Anything I throw at it, it just keeps asking for more.

It has 32 gig memory, 256 gig SSD boot drive, 1 TB spindle drive and I added in an additional 1 TB hybrid drive for 2.25 TB storage.

When I bought it, it was at $1900.  Never been happier.
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Shaye LarsenAuthor Commented:
Never had a gaming laptop.  What about the claims that "if you don't game, don't buy a gaming laptop?"
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Oops forgot to post what I bought.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Nonsense.... If you need power, then a gaming laptop is the way to go.  It will run warm so make sure to use a cooling pad and don't have it on your lap, bed or a pillow.  That will kill it and any laptop for sure.
"if you don't game, don't buy a gaming laptop?"

Never heard of it.  You asked for a laptop with power and flexibility.  You won't get a more powerful laptop than a gaming laptop.

Basically, if you can spare the $ then AlienWare is like the Ferrari of laptops.  You may not need all the bells and whistle it has to offer but if you want the highest possible option then AlienWare is it.

You want a laptop that can run heavy applications constantly including tomcat, wamp, netbeans, adobe cs, photoshop etc?  With a decent AlienWare you can probably run all three simultaenously with still ample left-over power.
Shaye LarsenAuthor Commented:
K, I got a quote for both the XPS 13 and the Alienware 13.  Both have i7, 256 solid state drive.  XPS has 8gb ram, Alien has 16.

Alien is 1,721.70 out the door
XPS is 1,675.40.

I like the sleekness of the XPS better.  In your opinion, which is the better option here?
I've also used the older DELL XPS laptops and desktops.  Both are good machines.  Dell XPS lines are their "gaming" computers to compete with AlienWare (this is before they bought out AlienWare).

The XPS one is more sleek and professional looking.  Personally, for a difference of about $45 I will double the RAM if available and stick with the XPS.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
I'd have to agree. If you are going to be using this in front of clients, spend the extra money, and go more professional looking.
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