bootstrap nav hover background color refuses to be customized

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I am trying to customize the bootstrap nav, all of my customizations work except the hover state, it refuses to change. Also, the dropdown menu background colour wont be changed.

I am trying to make it  background-color: #8992B;

I have rewritten almost every navbar style in has, but it ignore this change, you can't even see my changes in firebug for the background color (You can see all my other changes though)
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this is not a valid color: #8992B;

you are missing a digit. you need 6 digits for a hex color


include it on line 164 of your css:

.navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a,
.navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a:hover,
.navbar-default .navbar-nav > .open > a:focus {
  color: #fff;
  background-color: #89992B;

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