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Dynamics GP: FRx Report Date in Fiscal Year 2031


Microsoft no longer supports Microsoft Dynamics GP 8.0.

A Microsoft Dynamics GP 8.0/FRx SP9 client of ours is on a 07/01 fiscal year structure.  They have a 2031 fiscal year in GP, because an end user accidentally entered two payables transactions document dated for 12/12/2030.

Anyway, when the customer enters (in the Report Date of any catalog) the 12th month for 2016, the report date defaults to 06/30/2030.

I have tried conducting steps such as deleting .g32 files, compacting the databases, and rebuilding the Index File but to no effect.  Also, in the test company (which was a copy of live), I removed the fiscal year 2031 and recreated the other fiscal years.  Afterward, I recreated the FRx index files.  Too, I re-opened periods in the Fiscal Periods Setup window.  But, the same bad result happened.

Does anyone have any ideas, as to how to enter “12” for the month and “2016” for the year, without “enabling” the date of 06/30/2030?


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Don Thomson
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The only way would be to actually go in and change the dates on the two payable entries.

I'm assuming that you have tried this.

Can edit the amounts back to 0  or make a payment in full dated 1 day later than the bill
Then enter the AP  item with the  correct date

If you can link to the correct table from something like MS ACCESS you may be able to modify it
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Hi DTHConsulting:

You're right.  I did already try changing the dates on the two payables entries.

I cannot go into GP and void anything on these entries because (a) someone already did at one point and (b) the entries are part of the fiscal year 2013 which is an historical year.  

(2014 is the most recent historical year and, being that this customer does not have GP 2013 R2, they cannot go back to previous years and reopen them.)

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I had made a mistake and simply did not think to change the FRx report that I was working with to point to the test company.