VMWare vSan and Netgear XS712T Switches

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We're trying to build a Vmware vSan.  Constructing the vSan, according to the documentation, requires"trunking" the physical switch.  

Trunking, in this case, is Cisco-speak for allowing multiple vlans to ingress and egress on a single ethernet cable connected to a physical switch.  Unfortunately, in Netgear speak, trunking seems to have more to do with Link Aggregation.  We are not sure how to configure the Netgear XS712T so it provides the same "trunking" functionality that is available on the Cisco's.  

We will be running 3 different vLans from each of the 4 ESXi hosts participating in the vSan connected to the XS712T. as follows, 1-Default (Untagged), 10 - vSan data (tagged), 11 - vMotion (tagged).  Can someone please advise how to configure the Netgear XS712T so it behaves like the "trunking" feature on the Cisco switches?
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What Cisco calls "trunking", most other network vendors call tagging.  I don't have that particular model of switch on hand to test with.  But based on the manual, it looks like you need to configure the VLAN port membership to be tagged on each port.

See the "VLAN Membership Configuration" section on this doc ->
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Keep in mind that you will also need to enable IGMP Snooping for the vSAN portgroup:
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Thanks for the help.  We've turned up the vSan and it's working.  We're going to be putting some stress on it, measure the iops and see if we're getting any read/write issues.  Thanks again.

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