How to prevent a .dll from deploying in Visual Studio 2008?

My project deploys to a Zebra mobile device that already has SQL functionality installed with the operating system, so I don't want to deploy System.Data.SqlServerCE.dll to the device.  Tech support suggested I set 'Copy Local' and 'Specific Version' to 'False' to keep this from happening, and I've done so per the attached screen shot.  

But as can be seen on the second line of the 2nd screen shot, it is still deploying--and causing my app to fail.  How can I make it quit deploying this .dll?  TIA
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Perform a clean of your project and try building the setup project again.  The setup (deploy) project reads the files from the output directory.  Performing a clean should remove the files from the output directory and rebuild the solution.

sasllcAuthor Commented:
I did a clean, but unfortunately it is still deploying that dll.  is what the guy at Zebra tech support correct--that I should be able to keep it from deploying by setting those two properties to False?  If so, any ideas how and why Visual Studio 2008 would still be deploying the dll?  Are there other settings I can make somewhere, somehow, to make it quit deploying?
Yes they are correct.  If you mark a dependency in a way that Copy Local is set to false, then the dependency should not be included in the build of the project.  Make sure that you don't also have a build option set to copy the file.


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sasllcAuthor Commented:
How and where would I check to see if I "have a build option set to copy the file"?  I can't find anything like that as I browse around through visual studio 2008.

Every time I deploy, it is creating a file in the same folder as the program--unless it already exists from a previous deploy.  This would be normal for any other .dll that I actually wanted to deploy, but of course in this case I don't want it to deploy this .dll.   I have emptied that folder many times, to be sure it's not picking up on an old file, but it keeps on getting deployed each time for reasons I can't understand.
You already know about this one:Capture.JPGBut you also want to check in the project properties (sorry it's a build event ;)):On the Compile tab of the project properties, click the 'Build Events...' buttonMake sure you don't copy your DLL in the Pri or Post build events.-saige-
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