Office Printer from hell...

Hey Experts,

Check this out. We have an office computer giving some strange behavior as follows:

 For 1-2 days every week for the past year the printer works perfectly...then for the next 5 days in a row it will not connect to the network, will not receive print jobs, and WILL NOT WORK!

We've tried checking that the ip addresses match with registration on network, we've tried playing with settings and checking for paper jams. Nothing works. Never a paper jam or visible problem.

We think it's laughing at us...

The only weird thing is that every time we try and restart the printer by powering down, when we power back on during startup, it makes an excruciating noise that sounds like fingernails on chalkboard or like alien babies dying in pain...

I think it's possessed.


Some other things I've noticed:
1. The waste bin fills up and needs to be emptied more often then normal.
2. It seems to work suddenly after emptying the waste tray sometimes.

Printer Model:
Xerox ColorQube 8570DN

We would like to fix it instead of replace it if possible.
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When you say it will not connect to the network, were you able to ping it?
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
As [Wayne88] notes, can you ping the IP?  Is it a static IP or DHCP?  Does the printer perform a self test successfully?  Will it print out a configuration sheet when it otherwise won't work?
ProfessionalFailBlogAuthor Commented:
Hey Wayne. I am unable to ping it (request timeout)
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ProfessionalFailBlogAuthor Commented:
Hey paul,

Static ip, and a page does print out now, the connectivity just came back several minutes ago
Hi ProfessionalFailBlog, ok in this case we need to first ensure that the problem is not a network connection issue.  You may want to use ping tool like ColaSoft to monitor when the ping start dropping and make sure that it's not a network problem.

A way to test it is to connect a laptop with static IP directly to the printer ethernet port using a null cable when the printer dropped out the network.  If you can see it then, it's most likely a network issue, if not then it could be that the network module on the Xerox has gone bad.

Unfortunately, you described alot of problems with the printer and we need to first determine if it's a printer issue or network issue.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
"...a page does print out now..."
Is that a page from a client, or a test page from the printer itself?

As noted, we need to determine if this problem is in the network or in the printer itself.
ProfessionalFailBlogAuthor Commented:

I will test that tomorrow afternoon.
ProfessionalFailBlogAuthor Commented:

It printed a test page from the printer itself as well as a command send to print a test page remotely
why not contact Xerox for a repair?
that seems the best option in this case
then YOU can laugh at the printer..
I agree with nobus. An "excruciating noise" definitely sounds like a service issue. Of course, it may not have anything to do with your other issue, but the Xerox tech may have some ideas about it.

If all else fails, you may be able to fix those problems with an factory reset. I have not played with an 8570 but with the 8560 it could be done from the front panel, via the Service Tools menu.

The waste bin fills up and needs to be emptied more often then normal.
That is probably caused by powering the printer down regularly. Solid ink printers like the ColorQube waste a lot of ink when powering up from cold.

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ProfessionalFailBlogAuthor Commented:
Thanks All!
what was the outcome?
was it fixed?
ProfessionalFailBlogAuthor Commented:
Management called Xerox repair to come fix it or trash it lol.
tx for posting  that -  always good to know how it turned out
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