404 Page Not found on some computers if no Fully Qualified Name

We have a internal intranet site that has two Bindings on IIS7.4 http://Workorders and http://workorders.uesorl.com
both are bound to the same IP address of

We have the host resolved on both DNS and WINS

The Shortcuts on the desktops point to http://workorders

The issue is some computers when they click that shortcut they get a 404 Page Not Found while others do NOT!

If I modify the shortcut to lunch http://workorders.uesorl.com the 404 error does not occur and the page comes up.

I have verified the IP config of the NIC on the station is pointing to the DNS server and WINS server
A ping to the Workorders resolves to the workorders.uesorl.com fully qualified name with the IP address above.
All computers are running Windows 7 professional and using IPv4 though IPV6 is enabled as well
Any thoughts on why some computers require the fully qualified name while others do not?
Robert ScaliseAsked:
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Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
First off, I would recommend using the FQDN for websites.  It keeps it consistent across internal and external websites.  Plus, today, people are used to seeing URLs in the format of:


I would compare the TCP/IPv4 configurations on a working computer to one that isn't functioning correctly.  Specifically, I would go here and compare the settings:

TCP/IPv4 Properties > Advanced > DNS

1. If the client computers are configured for DHCP, the "DNS server addresses, in order of use:" should be blank.
2. Below this section, is the "For resolution of unqualified names:" I would make sure that the clients are configured exactly the same here.

You can also test the issue by doing the following:

1. open a command prompt
2. ping the server workorders (using only the hostname, not the FQDN)
2a.  if DNS is setup correctly, the client should automatically append the DNS suffix to the hostname and use DNS to resolve the name.
2b. if DNS is missing the Append DNS suffix settings, the client will use WINS to resolve the hostname and will not append the DNS suffix to the ping request.

Unless you are supporting WinXP on the desktop, there is no real reason to configure clients to use WINS anymore.

Robert ScaliseAuthor Commented:
Hi Dan!

Yes, I verified the DHCP lease on the computer did include both the correct DNS server and the WINS server by doing a IPCONFIG /all

 Then I did a ping on just the NetBIOS name of the server and the ping came back with the FQDN of the server.

My Windows 7 computer does not give the 404 as well as dozens of others. We're trying to figure out what might be different on some computer that gives this 404 error.

Finally, we have changed the URL on all new computers we deploy and anyone who calls that has an old version of the shortcut we adjust the URL. But before I force a change on the rest I wanted to see if we could determine way it fails on some but not others.

Thanks so much for your response.
Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
I would remove the "http://Workorders" binding on the site.  As a (personal) best practice, I only use FQDNs on bindings.

My reasoning is that there is always a possibility that the non-FQDN binding could cause an issue with a site if the developer were to declare a base URL in the application.  If there are any name resolution issues from the server side, there is the potential for issues.

Also, you could post some http logs from the site, if the site is throwing 404s, it will be in there.


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