Are previous versions of updated Outlook 2013 tasks available (not deleted tasks)

I recently saved a version of a task on my Outlook 2013. Unfortunately I didn't realize that it was missing most of the information I had previously input. I did not delete the task. Now I want to restore this task to a previous version, the one that contains all of the information I had input.

Is there a simple way to do this? If I have to use a previous version of the Outlook database, how would I do this, and how do I keep all the new tasks I've added since this incident a week or so ago?
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
You do not have any history in Outlook. So you'll need to "mount" a backup of the PST file used.
Go into File » Open & Export » Open Outlook Data File, and locate the backup PST. After opening you should see a new folder tree in Outlook. Just copy the task from there into your current mailbox.

After you are finished, unmount the PST by right-clicking on its top-most folder, and select "Remove XXX". This will NOT delete the PST file, just remove the link to it in Outlook.
glorbAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the advice, though I didn't use it. I didn't understand "folder tree" or how to copy the task into my current mailbox. Instead in my Windows 7, I...
- found where my Outlook.pst file is stored on my hard drive (using Windows Explorer)
- right clicked on the file and clicked "Restore Previous Version"
- this showed me that I had 5  stored versions, one of which was the night before I made my error
- I restored that version by copying it into a temporary file folder
- I then closed Outlook, and renamed the Outlook.pst file to Outlook (1).pst, and moved the file to the temp folder via cut/paste
- then I moved the previous Outlook.pst file from the temp folder to my Outlook folder
- I opened Outlook, went to that task, and copied all the info that was in it (it's the info that was missing from my current .pst file)
- I stored the info on a blank Word page to retain its original formatting, links, boxes etc.
- then I closed Outlook again, and deleted the older Outlook.pst file from its folder
- I then moved back the most current file version to the Outlook folder, and renamed it back to Outlook.pst
- when I opened Outlook again, all my current info was there; so I opened the affected task, and copied into it all the info I'd stored on the Word page I'd created
- when I closed the task, I now had everything up to date!

A bunch of steps to go through, but it worked like a charm!

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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Kind of cumbersome, but similar to what I suggested. Just more work. Had you just imported that older version (restored into a temp folder) in Outlook, you would have had it available as a second source of data. E.g. in Tasks as "Tasks - Personal folder". And then just move/copy it over to your current tasks.
glorbAuthor Commented:
A step-by-step solution that ensures you will be able to retrieve previous versions of Outlook 2013 tasks you want to access, when those tasks haven't been deleted (just updated incorrectly). Mind you, it only works if you have available stored copies of the Outlook.pst file for the date/time on which your correct previous version was saved.
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