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Google Apps, List all email aliases


There used to be a report somewhere in the Google apps admin interface that allowed you to draw down a report of all aliases registered to users, but I just can't find it anymore.

I did find references to using the Google Apps shell, and a GUI written in Python called "gasi", but I'm getting nowhere fast with that approach.

I need to have an export of all of these aliases, so that I can be sure they are all matched up in our new Office 365 account so that none will be missed when I switch over (hopefully tonight).

If anybody can direct me to where that report lives now, or some way to extract that list via API, I'd greatly appreciate it!!!

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Hmmm, I guess I do see that that is the correct API function to extract aliases, which means that I could write some script that gets the list of users, and then enumerates each user, and gets their aliases. I'm hoping I don't have to write that code, though, just to throw it away when I'm done, especially while I have so much else going on right now.

It's just frustrating because I know this report used to exist before, and now it seems that the only way to produce the same list of information is to manually code it.
Regrets, I do not do code.  Maybe someone else will help.
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