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Cancel Window 10 Upgrade

A user clicked to reserve the upgrade from Win 7 to 10 which was a mistake.  The upgrade has now been downloaded to the machine and the user is being asked if they are ready to install?  There is no apparent way to cancel the upgrade.  The only option is to delay for 3 days and then the prompt appears again.  Is there a way to cancel?
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Also try the following I got from Microsoft to cancel the upgrade. Take CARE because it is a registry change.

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Please let us know.
This one is well hidden.


If you examine the thread it does:
C:\Windows\system32\GWX\GWXConfigManager.exe /RefreshConfig

That opens GWXUX.EXE which creates connection of TCP to to HTTP

Thread shows
C:\Windows\System32\GWX\GWXUX.exe -Embedding

With a parent of "svchost.exe"  

I verified the process as Microsoft

And validated this removal procedure 

There is a corresponding REGKEY at
Couple of items I forgot.

You would need to stop Windows Update and "Take Ownership" of the folder.

If you want to "Stop it" from coming back, you put back the folder structure and set NTFS permissions on the top folder, Remove Inherit from root, Copy perms (After Taking Ownership)

Remove everything but System and Administrators

Set SYSTEM to Denied All

Administrators to Read Only

That should block Trusted Installer from ever installing it again
Hi John Hurst

That reg edit is interesting.

Can you change a setting to stop the offer of Win 10.

I want to stop a customer with win 10 from clicking on it.

He hasn't clicked yet but will.

Both of those settings are set to 0 at the moment.

The setting I pointed to works, but the best way is to uninstall KB3035583