Move a WordPress Website that has been hacked

I have a website that has been hacked...What do I need to do before I move it to its new location??

I am moving a WordPress website from one hosting account another. What is the best way to do this?

My Website is on Impulse and I am going to move it to Godaddy. I will be using Godaddys cpanel with the Wordpress app.

I am trying to do this with the lest amount of data lost so my clients down time will be minimal!!!

Please help!!!

Tina :)
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Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
simply you need to take fully backup of website from cpanel your current hosting account as impluse and upload files on go daddy server
you can take help from here how to move website on go daddy
Bad advice.

Ankit, you seen to have missed the "that's been hacked" part. Doing it your way will guarantee the hacked part comes with.

There are three ways to hack a WordPress site: hack the core files, hack the theme, hack the plugins. A hack can persist in files or in the DB.

Usually, the hack persists in files, so that's what we're going to addresses here. If the hack is :/ the db, you'll need a db admin to help you find it. (Based on how you asked the question, I am assuming you are not one, and are unfamiliar with SQL, MySQL Workbench, etc... Correct me if I am wrong.)

Thus, make a backup of the database. I am not familiar with your current host, but you want a dump of the database.

Save / download that dump.

Now, at GoDaddy, use their tools to setup a completely new Wordpress installation. If you're using a theme, install the theme FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE - not from your hacked site.

Now, you're ready to migrate the database. Open the .sql file that you downloaded. (It may be compressed in a .tgz or .tar.gz file. Unzip those with 7zip).

You have to change the database name from whatever it was at your previous host to whatever GoDaddy created when you setup the site. You can do this in a text editor with find and replace.

Now, use whatever function Go Daddy has to restore WordPress backups, and restore the DB.

Your site should Nye be transferred, online, and hack free - for now.

If the hack is still there at this point, it's in the DB, and you'll need done professional help. If not, UPDATE YOUR THEME, PLUGINS, AND WIDOWS CORE. Hacks happen because of vulnerabilities that are not updated. Once you have removed a hack, the bad guys will notice, and attempt to return, re-hack, and restore their control. You must update immediately to prevent this.

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I forgot to mention, install the plugins you're using FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE as well. Don't copy then from the hacked site either.

You also want to minimize your attack surface by uninstalling any themes our plugins you don't use.

You've been hacked once. You're in their radar, and you HAVE to keep and run a tight ship. They will be back. You have to keep the doors locked.

You should also install Wordfence as a safety precaution. The free version is sufficient.
TinaMBarnardAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I will try this later today!

Tina :)
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