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I have been trying to encrypt my laptop that has Windows 8.1 pro and it has a bitlocker option but it only asks me to put a password and/or use a USB key to unlock it.

I have noticed also that it doesn't have have TPM which i believe that the laptop has no TPM chip installed from the factory when it was build. Please have a look at the pictures attached for reference.

I would like to buy pass this option for the password and USB key option to make it easier and less stressful for the user (maybe local group policy?). If the User have to put the password all the time and/ or use a USB key, this will make her life not so easier.

Is there another way we could do to change that? As per users with TPM chip built-in their laptops, those ones are easier to turn on Bitlocker.

Can you please advice?
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There is no way.
There are two options that are completely hands-free, one is TPM without PIN, the other is netunlock, which also requires a tpm. Sorry.
A password or a startup key on a USB flash drive is the only way without TPM

Be sure to check “Allow BitLocker without a Compatible TPM

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Thanks for your advice.

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