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Hi Experts,

I hope this isn't a dumb question, but someone once told me that there is no such thing as dumb questions, just dumb answers!

We have a Draytek router which has a VDSL BT infinity connection going into it. from the router we have several switches, they are all daisy chained and coming from the router using high speed, gold plated, shielded Cat6 cabling.

I like to use the better quality cables because it gives me confidence that we wont have any interference etc. However I am shocked as to how basic the VDSL cable looks, it goes directly into my router (I believe it is a RJ11).

the RJ11 cable should surely be high speed aswell? do these come in different categories such as the standard RJ45 cables?

can this be upgraded at all, I am wondering if this can cause a bottle neck.

I guess that the thinking behind my idea is that what is the point of making every cable high speed and high quality if further up the line you use a standard RJ11, wont my internet connection bottleneck here then?

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On RJ11 it is telephone cable, and there are no categories on those (as much as I know).
There can be significant quality difference between cables from my experience, but I never noticed categories.
In the case that you connection is bottleneck at phone line you will call ISP (you can swap cable to RJ11 to eliminate cable is bad, but otherwise ISP is responsible).

And better quality cables in your network you implement so your local network can work better ....


Hi Predrag,

thanks for the answer. that is exactly what I thought. and I know the cabling will keep a better quality LAN but it was just more curiosity.

there is nothing wrong with the cable, but I was wondering if it could be improved! I am guessing it doesn't need to be improved as the cable in place was installed by BT themselves and cant be that bad off quality.

Thanks again

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