RDP Connection Timeout

Hi All

I have an issue where i have a user in a Satellite office who was able to connect to our RDP Server but now when he tries to connect the connection reaches the point of Checking Connection quality and then fails. I have other users who are still connected and can reconnect from the same location with out issue to the Server.

This has come up in the past and I have restarted the Server and then he was able to connect after the restart. The issue has only resurfaced after 3 weeks.

He is able to connect to other Servers in the Main office without any issue from is PC. It would seem that the Server which is denying him access is remembering something about the computer he is failing to connect from.

I do not want to restart the Server for one user and have him connecting to the Server via another Machine as there are specific applications he needs access to on that Server. We have a IP Sec tunnel running between the two offices with 30Mb of bandwidth allocated.

Server is 2012 R2 and Client is Windows 7.

I compared tracert results and compared user settings. Flushed DNS, Restarted, added manual ip entries, changed RDP Settings, restarted RDP Services, changed connection quality.

it is only related to this specific PC, I have also tried other accounts from the same PC that fail. Any other PC works and a restart of the Server does seem to solve the issue for a while.

Any advice at this point will be help full.
Quintin SmithAsked:
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Instead  of restarting the server go to the task manager on the server and find the users session and disconnect it.  

You may need to adjust your set time limit for disconnect session and set time limit for active but idle RDP session group policies.  These can be found in Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remtoe Desktop Session Host\Session Time limits.

This GPO should be applied to the rds session hosts.  

Radhakrishnan RSenior Technical LeadCommented:

Is he able to ping the server from the machine? what about the windows firewall status? perform a nslookup and see it resolves fine?

is the user been removed from remote desktop group recently?
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
You could also see connections from a command prompt by running quser.exe
To run it remotely, use the following syntax:
quser /server:xxxxxx

The result will be displayed as per below:

User1                                                           2   Disc         2:14          8/5/2015 6:51 AM
User2                         ica-tcp#0                  3  Active          .             8/5/2015 7:40 AM
User3                         ica-tcp#1                  3  Active          .             8/5/2015 7:40 AM

To logoff users from the server (or disconnected sessions), run the following command:

logoff xx

where xx would be the session ID (i.e. logoff 2 in the above example).  To logoff remotely, run the following command:

logoff /servername:servername xx  (i.e. logoff /server:prodserver01 2)
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Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
Thanks h1r0

I have tried task manger multiple times to no avail. I have adjusted the group policy but doubt if that will make a difference but will to try anyway. Will let you know tomorrow if i can connect.
Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
HI Mohammed Khawaja

Thanks for your comment I have used these commands before in my bat files for various reasons. I have disconnected him though in the past and still unable to reconnect.
Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
Hi Radhakrishnan Rajayyan

I have tried that, DNS resolves with out fail. I have tried the IP address but no change. Busy trolling through Event Viewer to see if there is an indication as to what it could be.

you may consider going back down the stack and checking things like the nic,  switches, drops.   Since this appears to be isolated to a single computer I would focus there.   You may also just re image the machine and save some time there
Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
Hi H1r0

Thanks for your comment. I am looking into our policies as the issue has jumped to another user and different machine.

Could be a limitation on CAL'S or a connection limit as the server services our VPN clients and RDP clients. I am thinking there might be connection between the two.  

I never restarted the server I let the problem continue to see if it was something that would rectify itself and funny enough it did.

All users where connected and then all of sudden someone lost connectivity and now the same issue has resurfaced but this time on another Users PC. What I am trying now is to have a new PC setup in the Satellite office and see if we can add another user on the link to try gain access.

Will keep you posted.
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
Do you have users at more than one location and if so, is the problem at both locations?  Do different sites have different policies or do they all have the same policy?  In Terminal Services there is a setting for idle sessions which could be configured to disconnect after x number of minutes and then to logoff after y number of minutes if the connection is not reinstated.  Issue could be with your VPN configuration.  Another thing to check is to see if only idle sessions are disconnected or active sessions are also included.  Also note that sometimes an application could generate an exception causing disconnect.  When the user is disconnected, could he/she re-establish connection and get connected to the disconnected session or is a new session started?
I would dig into the event logs a bit too
Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the assist
This problem was resolved by enabling IPV6

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Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
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