New SAS Drive in Old HP Server Not Showing Up

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We have an old HP Proliant ML 350 G6 server. We had an old drive die in it and bought three new drives to configure in RAID 5. The drives do not ever show up in the HP Raid tool (in BIOS or in Windows). The drive lights do not even blink when the server is turned on.

If I take one of the drives out of its mounting hardware and put it in the hardware of the old failed drive, it will show up perfectly (even reports the newer larger size). I attached a picture of the drives. Can the new drives be made to work in this system?
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Have you made sure the new enclosure is set up the same as the old ones, for example that the disk's connections are at the right place so they make contact with the backplane? Is the new enclosure even built to fit this server?

As a side note, I can't recommend using RAID 5 at all. That is something that may have been OK a decade ago. But RAID 5, compared to other Arrays, is unreliable and will often cause more issues, particularly if you have to do a rebuild. Disks today are large and inexpensive enough that you don't have to fully optimize their capacities, but rather go for reliability. RAID 6 for example would be far better.
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Your disks are good but they are in the new disk caddys for Gen8 and Gen9 only, you either need to send them back and get the right ones or buy new caddies for G7 and previous and put your disks in them. The new style caddies are quite a bit shorter than the old ones so your disks won't even be contacting to the backplane.

378343-002 on will do if you want to buy caddies.
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Thank you both! Rindi's reply got me looking into the connection but I wasn't quite sure of the terminology yet. I am also going to change my raid type from his suggestion and get another drive. Andyalder got me to the link that I needed.

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