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Server 2008 User Locking

I have a server running Server 2008.  It is running Active Directory with Domain.  It currently has shared folders.  I was wondering if I could restrict access to the machine, but still have the shares available to the users..
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Trent Smith
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Yes.  When you setup the shares you need to set them up with the proper permissions but the user doesn't have to be able to log into the server to access the files.  I would suggest using an AD group for permissions where available to make it easier on you.
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Hi Robert,

I think with server 2008 the Remote Desktop is disabled by default so other users will not be able to remote access it unless you explicitly allow them to.

Also, normally servers are locked in a server room and only the network administrator can access that server.

As for the shares, it has nothing to do with being able to log into the server itself.  File/folder shares require separate permissions than the actual access to the server itself.

Hope that helps.

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The users that I would want to share files with are not domain users or even users that are on the account.  I was going to make them one general account and use that.  But that opens up the server access again.  

@Wayne : This server is located in room where everyone has the key.
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