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I have finally managed to get Scan to Email working on a Infotec (Ricoh) MP C2050 copier, but the received email has a blank subject line.  I can see options for a user to add a subject when the scan is sent, but not how to set up a default subject via the web interface. Does anyone know if this can be done?

Steve Hunt
Poppy IT Services
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You should be able to log into the web interface of the device and set a default subject.


Yes, and I have been looking at all the config pages to do just that and cannot see an option to enter an email subject... I appreciate your reply, but I am hoping that someone has actually done it and can tell me how (in detail).
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Sorry I didn't realize that they buried it in the document and link.  

Default E-mail Subject

If an e-mail subject is not entered on the machine's control panel, the default e-mail subject is applied when scan files are sent by e-mail.

Select whether to use the host name or a specified text as the default e-mail subject.

The default setting is Host Name.

If you select [Host Name], the host name configured on the [Interface Settings] tab under [System Settings] is applied.


Thanks - that certainly tells me where the option should be... however 'Default Email Subject' does not appear on this particular device -  see attached capture of 'Send Settings' screen.  I am guessing this is probably a firmware version issue?
Is there any way that you could check your firmware version and let me know what it is?  Maybe we can find another way to get this to work for you.


See attached images...  the firmware seems to be quite modular - not sure which bit is relevant.  I don't know if this issue will warrant a firmware upgrade - it was more a case of if I was missing something.
Thanks for your help
Do you have support on this device?
Can you look on the system itself and see if it allows you to see different options there?


I will ask the customer about device support status.
Will make a note to do so when I am next on-site.
I wish that there was more I could do for you.  You are welcome.


The solution indicated where the required option should be, but the device in question did not have that option available - presumably due to firmware version differences.  This is not a serious problems & unlikely to be worth progressing any further.

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