Windows 10 Upgrade detects incorrect video card.

Windows 10 Upgrade detects incorrect video card. It is telling me I cannot upgrade because my video card does not have win 10 drivers. I changed video cards and still get the same error reflecting a card I am not using. Is there a file that was written with this info that I can remove or  a way to force a real rescan of my system?snScreen shot or error
Paul GadebuschAsked:
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Officially - "Your stated Graphics chip has reached EOL (End of Life) status as of 4/2014. No further driver support is available after that date. This includes the 6000,7000,8000,9000,100,200,300, and some lower-end 400 series DX9/10 GPUs (including On-board and Mobile graphics).
If you wish to use Win10 then your only option would be to upgrade."

However, a user stated - "I had exactly the same problem but went ahead anyway and installed Windows 10 using the Media Creation Tool on the Microsoft website. Whilst doing the update it warned that my graphics driver would be changed which I just accepted. After the update I found that a generic windows driver had replaced my Geforce 7300 LE driver and the screen display was of lesser quality than previously. I simply went back to the Nvidia website and it let me download and install the latest dirver for the card and everything appears to be back to normal, except that I am running Windows 10."

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Try the following: Uninstall your driver through device manager and select to delete the driver files. I have no idea if this makes a difference to this buggy part of setup, but worth trying.
You can try manually installing Windows 8 driver for it and see if that works with W10.  At this point there isn't much option when the product has reached EOL.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also try going to the Windows 10 download site, download the ISO and try installing it. It may uninstall the driver leaving you at VGA and then see if the newest driver will reinstall. There are limits on old video drivers.
Paul GadebuschAuthor Commented:
The message refers to a video card I have removed, deleted all drivers and replace with  GT 620 with current 8.1 drivers and it does have win 10 drivers. . I am trying to figure where the setup is reading the 7300 from. If there is a log file that I could delete and make it run over perhaps picking up the current card.
Media creation tool does not run.
I would try an iso. is there a link for it?
I understood that. I have no idea where this wrong detection data is saved to and why it is even reused. You could try and monitor with procmon to see which files are touched.
The ISO can be aquired on a different pc using the media creation tool. It could also be downloaded from MSDN or volume license service centers if you have those.

It would have been of interest what happened after you deleted the driver and didn't reinstall the card like I asked for.
Paul GadebuschAuthor Commented:
I want to close this question on EE. none of the 'solutions' worked.
I uninstalled the original drivers, install the new card, as far as the device manager says it is the correct card. The windows 10 upgrade sees the on board drivers and not the new card.
Alas  I am accepting that this box will not upgrade to Windows 10. Not the worst thing in the world.
It appears my  options are to accept and answer. accept multiple answers.
Is there an option to close a question with no answer or just delete it?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
We suggested that the computer would not work with the video card in the machine. That is true for a number of old machines.

So you can accept multiple answers that agreed with you that you cannot upgrade, OR, if you are not happy with that, you can request deletion.
Why wouldn't you try to start setup from an ISO that you downloaded elsewhere? Also you didn't feedback on trying without a driver "Microsoft basic display adapter".
i wouldn't give up before.
Paul GadebuschAuthor Commented:
This particular issue didn't really fall into the category of solution or not. Many said, yes a problem, try x or y or z. I tried all the solution only to come back to .. problem. I accepted the first solution that acknowledged the problem but  it also included something to try that did not work.
I have always like EE so my comments here are more about my issue than the answers.
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