Newly Created Users Cannot Logon to Standalone Windows 7 Pro

We have a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop with Windows 7 Pro installed. The original user had only one account enabled, his own with admin rights. We added two more users with passwords without any errors reported. However, when either of them try to logon, they receive the message "The username or password is incorrect."  We can logon using the first username and password and reset the passwords of the new users, but to no avail. We have not tried creating new users who don't have passwords. All three user icons show on the logon screen.
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Trenton KnewOwner / Computer WhispererCommented:
might be a groups issue...  check the local users and groups and make sure the new users are members of the "users" group
Can you right click on My Computer > Manage > Local Users and Groups > Users

Do you see the newly created account there?  Try resetting the account by right clicking on it then Set Password then try logging again.
For a test, type the password into the username field to make sure it picked up correct and no keyboard layout issues are the cause.

Also test with run as on the command line.
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Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOCommented:
Hi Rkulp,

I'd try two things:

1. Can you try typing .\username and then try the password?
2. Can you verify the time source (i.e. where that machine is getting its' time from?

We can go from there.
rkulpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick responses. The laptop is not here but I'll try all these things as soon as I get it back.
rkulpAuthor Commented:
I haven't forgotten. I should have the laptop on Tuesday evening, August 18, and will do the tests then.
rkulpAuthor Commented:
Hi All,
I went to My Computer > Manage > Local Users and Groups > Users and reset the password. It did not work. I then deleted the user and added a new user. It still does not work and gives the following error:

User Profile Service failed the logon.
User profile cannot be loaded.

I looked at the user properties and the path to the profile is blank. I confirmed it by checking the directory and C:\Users does not have any user but the original user. Unfortunately, I had to give the computer back so will have to wait until I can get it again to resolve this issue. I'm going to try to look at the ProfileList in the registry to see what is there. If Windows 7 works like XP then it should create a profile on the first logon if it is not present in the ProfileList. I will also confirm that the computer is not on a domain.
I would appreciate comments if I am barking up the wrong tree and also suggestions on a better way to proceed. This is entirely new stuff for me.
Thanks for sticking with me.
Trenton KnewOwner / Computer WhispererCommented:
This article should help you fox the problem...
rkulpAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'll report soon.
Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOCommented:
The article Trent posted may or may not work, depending on several factors. Please report and let us know if you are able to fix the issue. Also, please do confirm the domain membership (existing or not). One other thing you may want to look at is that the profile doesn't exist in the registry.


If it does exist and the profile in the users directory does not, you will receive those errors (among others) when attempting to log in.

Keep us 'posted' (pun intended).  :)

rkulpAuthor Commented:
Once again, I have to wait until the laptop is in my possession. It may take a week or more.
rkulpAuthor Commented:
The profile is not there. I have the computer for the next 36 hours. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. Thanks for your help.
rkulpAuthor Commented:
I found a solution in this posting:

I will show this as the solution with multiple solutions and divid the points. I really appreciate your patience and support.

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rkulpAuthor Commented:
I found the solution outside EE but was led there by the two previous suggestions.,
Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOCommented:
Great!! So glad you got it resolved, and very glad we could help!
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