How to initialize drives on Proliant ML350 G6

I have a Proliant ML350 G6 that I have all new drives in. I tried to setup the raid but the drive lights say all of the new drives are preemptive failure mode. They are new so that is unlikely. My thought is that they were not initialized. I cannot find how to initialize the drives. Can someone help me?
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Trent SmithCommented:
I had to do this from the command line in order to get my new drives to work.

/opt # cd hp/hpssacli/bin
/opt/hp/hpssacli/bin # /opt/hp/hpssacli/bin/hpssacli ctrl all show config

Smart Array P420i in Slot 0 (Embedded)    (sn: 001438028DB7DF0)

      physicaldrive 1I:1:1 (port 1I:box 1:bay 1, SAS, 300 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 1I:1:2 (port 1I:box 1:bay 2, SAS, 300 GB, OK)

   SEP (Vendor ID PMCSIERA, Model SRCv8x6G) 380 (WWID: 5001438028DB7DFF)
/opt/hp/hpssacli/bin # ./hpssacli ctrl slot=0 create type=ld drives=1I:1:1,1I:1:2 raid=1
/opt/hp/hpssacli/bin # ./hpssacli ctrl all show config

Are the disks certified to work for with that server's RAID controller, do they have the correct HP firmware?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Boot SmartStart CD, go into the ACU (under diagnostics ) and create a new array. SmartStart is at

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jimmylew52Author Commented:
Disks are certified for HP. Downloading the CD.

What command like, how do I get to it?
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Diagnostics and ACU will be obvious once you have booted it.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
Not so obvious, I do not see anything about initializing the disks, just what I have seen in the other utilities.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
You won't find an option to initialise a disk because there isn't one. I said to create an array. After that you an create a logical disk or two on it.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
The command line won't work either because it assumes ex is installed an I can't initialise after esxi is installed.

I have ordered a controller that I know will allow me to initialise the disks. Should have results in a couple of days
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Were you unable to create an array using the ACU? This initialise the disk that you have in your head is nonsense, HP have never had an option to initialise disks for Smart Array controllers. Creating an array does initialise them after a fashion since it writes the RIS metadata on them.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
My experience with HP newer servers is limited, I only have 2, this one and one that has never given me any problems.

What you say being the case, I am left that 6 drives from 3 different vendors are all bad out of the box.  All say preemptive failure. Seems very unlikely.
Trent SmithCommented:
Have you tried to put any of these disks into the server that isn't showing any issues.  It would be a good way to test the hard drives and make sure you aren't having some issues with the server that you originally were adding these to.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
If you generate a diagnostic report from the ACU on smartstart and upload it we can see what the state of the disks is.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
Trent:     I am in process of freeing up a server t do that.

Andyalder:     Report says preemptive failure.
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