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Why this network connection always shows no internet access?

This is using a MS HyperV VM with MS WIndows 2012 r2 standard installed. a HyperV Network adapter is assigned to this server. On the same MS HyperV host, there are altogether 4 VMs and all 4 of them are assigned with the same HyperV network adapter.

Recently, found that this server can't communicate with "outside world", it only able to ping the other 3 VMs plus the HyperV host. On the Network connection, found that the "IPv4Connectivtiy" shows "No Internet access". Also the Network category shows "PUblic network" despite I was logon as domain user.

Please see the results of get-netconnectionprofile as attached.

Please advice how to correct the problem.

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Did you set up a default gateway in the network properties, if using static IPs?
how is the virtual switch setup?  It appears to be set to an 'internal' switch not an 'external' switch
So this is not happening to any other of your VM's and you have compared their settings to the settings of this one, namely the IP config, the Hyper-V integration services, and the firewall settings? The problem may actually be due to the Network Location Awareness found in the Services section of your Admin tools. Check to see if it has started--if it has then change it to "delayed start" and reboot -- then check to see if it properly IDes that it is on a domain.
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Think asking for the problem as it is not appropriate. Apologize for this.
the problem described is usually die to the "network location awareness" issue--suggested fix works most of the time-- reason given to delete is unclear to me
Hi Qlemo,

Default gateway is there.
Hi David,

Double-check, and confirmed the virtual switch is "external".
Hi Lionelmm,

All the mentioned services, features seem to be okay.
did you change it to delayed start?
Hi Lionelmm,

Not, no changes made on the system.

In fact, the root cause is not on system.
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Found it is a bit odd, but after changing the network cable connections, every things seems working perfectly