Windows 10 - Cannot Map/Access Network Drives - Will Not Accept Credentials

Have several login scripts which reside on the primary domain controller (PDC)\NETLOGON Folder.  They are used to map certain network drives to different groups of users.  These have worked for years.   Installed Win10 on a test PC and now they do not work.

When the script is ran it asks for credentials and will not accept any credentials.  Shows ACCESS DENIED at bottom of credentials box.

The script is initiated thru the shortcut  \\pdc\netlogon\<script name>.cmd

The credentials are for PDC, like its wanting them for the NETLOGON folder.   Please advise.  Thanks.

Here is a sample script:

@echo Off

start "Group Policy Update" gpupdate /force

net config server /AUTODISCONNECT:65535

Echo Deleting Network Drives
rem net use * /delete

net use G: /delete /y
net use H: /delete /y
net use I: /delete /y
net use J: /delete /y
net use K: /delete /y
net use L: /delete /y
net use M: /delete /y
net use N: /delete /y
net use O: /delete /y
net use P: /delete /y
net use Q: /delete /y
net use R: /delete /y
net use S: /delete /y
net use T: /delete /y
net use U: /delete /y
net use V: /delete /y
net use W: /delete /y
net use X: /delete /y
net use Y: /delete /y
net use Z: /delete /y

Echo Connnecting Network Drives

Start net use U: "\\1730W22Q87Y1\Academy Common" /persiStent:no
start net use W: "\\1730W22Q87Y1\Academy Workers" /persiStent:no
start net use K: "\\1730W22Q87Y1\Academy Common\Academy Kitchen" /persiStent:no
start net use Y: "\\1730W22Q87Y1\Academy Yearbook" /persiStent:no


rem Start Messenger Service
net start messenger

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Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
Is this Win10 PC joined to your domain?

Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Which Version of Windows 10

You need at least Windows 10 Pro

Home Editions will not connect to AD
Will be another bug, probably.
You should use the recommended method for drive mappings, which is through group policy preferences.

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rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
Looking into GPO for Drive mappings.   The mapping script has some advantages, in that I can change, add or delete entries and have the users run it immediately and get the change implemented on their PCs, whereas GPO replication can be tediously slow, even with GPUPDATE /FORCE or forcing GPO update thru the GPO Management Console.
rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
Windows 10 Pro the version generally released last week.   Windows domain (PDC in Win 2012 Server Standard R2)
Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
I used to love vbs login scripts and have completely moved away from them and do all printer and drive mappings in GPO's with very few problems and never any trouble with slow GPO processing. I have done this in dozens of customer networks and cloud hosting environments. I highly recommend this.

They are mapped immediately at next logon. There are no advantages in scripts when it comes to mappings.
rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
OK.   Looks like I will map thru GPO.  One followup question .....  is there any easy way to do this with Powershell?
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