Email to multiple recipients can't be opened by some AOL users

I have been sending emails to ten committee members, several of whom use AOL. If I send the AOL users an individual email, they receive it just fine. But when there are ten recipients, they receive a message saying ""unable to open, try again later."  I've asked them to forward the error message to me, but all they seem to be ablel to do is copy the error message mentioned above.
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When you send mail to the 10 recipients, are all of the recipients listed in the To: field?

I'm just guessing here, since googling AOL email problems with this error message yields everything from "temporary problem" to "needed to install Windows updates", but it seems possible that something about the multi-addressee message may be triggering extra anti-spam processing by AOL and they're just flubbing it.

Most of the time, when you send mail to multiple recipients, you can put the addressees on the Bcc: list to cut down on the visual clutter of having lots of addressees showing. This is a matter of courtesy in situations (admittedly, unlike your situation) where the addressees should not necessarily know who else the email has been sent to. But it might be something to try to convince AOL to deliver the email properly.
Judy12205Author Commented:
First, thanks for your reply. The reason I want all the email addresses in the "to" field is that we're a committee, and we want recipients to respond "to all." Coincidentally, however, a few minutes ago I sent an email to the AOL users using the bcc field to see if that makes a difference. I haven't heard back yet, but I have a feeling that you may very well be correct...especially because I have other much larger lists with 50 AOL users for which I do use bcc...and either the recipients don't care whether or not they are able to read the message...or there hasn't been a problem. I'll let you know what happens!
Do you have a way to provide a central mail alias that the committee members can reply to? They may find they have the same problem when they do a ReplyAll to a sizeable list of addressees.
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Judy12205Author Commented:
Interestingly, the AOL users finally see my message when someone else "replies to all" and my message is quoted. I've wondered whether AOL doesn't want to "play nicely" with Gmail. :-(  I'm not familiar with a central mail alias, so I don't know whether it would apply to our situation.
It sounds like AOL just wants to be different.

Mailling List setups often come with a mail alias which is used as the sender and nominal recipient, so that you are instructed to "reply to the list" instead of ReplyAll. The alias expansion happens further down in the mail delivery chain. There could still be "bulk mail" effects when a number of recipients have addresses in the same domain, so that one delivery connection can be used to deliver to all of them.

But as you're working from Gmail, the closest thing I can suggest would be Google Groups, which has some file sharing features that might also prove useful to your committee.

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Judy12205Author Commented:
First -- using bcc worked fine.

Next -- I tried using an old Yahoo! account of mine, which also seemed to work.

As of October, this committee will no longer exist, so I'm tempted to just stick with bcc and remind committee members to reply to everyone. Each member has everyone else's email address.

It would be nice, of course, if AOL would "play fair."

Thanks very much for your help!
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