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I have an old cemetery book that I'm trying to get data from.  I am including one page from the book to show you.  The 100 files are named:  'book 3-001' - 'book 3-100'
I would like to make an Open Office spreadsheet out of them so the data won't be lost.  I am currently copying the data from the book to an OO spreadsheet I made by hand. I scanned the sheets yesterday in two hours.    Is there any way to automate getting this data?  There are 3 more books and I'm only halfway through one book.
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I don't know of any handwriting OCR that would do the job, but the people who run the USPS apparently have been able to scan a portion of handwritten addresses on envelopes successfully, so it's possible there's software out there that is up to this job.

Perhaps this is a job for the Amazon Mechanical Turk You can try it out for relatively little investment and judge whether you can get the entire job done for a reasonable amount of time and money. You'll still have to expend some proofreading effort, but I don't think there's a way to escape that part.

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