SCCM - Difference between device collection, update group and deployment package?

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Hey everyone,

I've been setting up our SCCM 2012 environment here for server patching and am just trying to wrap my head around a few concepts.  As I understand it:

-device collections are collections of servers
-software update groups are comprised of multiple device collections and their accompanying updates
-deployment packages are what actually sends the aforementioned updates to the distribution point

Is all of that correct?  Even if so, it's still a little hazy, but these are the three things that have really been bugging me.

Thanks in advance
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-device collections are collections of servers and clients

-software update groups - To have better overview You can manually or automatically (With ADR) create Software update group (Office 2010 Updates, Windows 7 Updates ...).

-deployment packages - When You deploy A software update group, or just one update, you create deploymen package. DP has the information which updates must be deployed.

BR Benjamin

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