Folder searches in Outlook 2013

I truly regret having to surrender Office2003, correctly figuring that all the actions I could do quickly and easily would become substantially more difficult and obtuse using the latest versions of MSOffice.  Outlook is no exception.
In 2003, I could enter a search term for a folder and Outlook would seek it out in any part of the folder's emails. 2003 search.  Real quick, real easy.
But not any more, not with 2013.  Even using this nonsense menu, 2013 search results in no results....of the same emails. No amount of endless tinkering with this asinine menu returns any results with the search term in it...which I know is *clearly* present in a number of those emails.
Is there a way (3rd party s/w maybe) of returning Office 2013 to 2003 menu and functional level?  I use the folder search frequently and am not happy to have to go back to the stone age practice of manually searching thru emails.
Is there a way to get this idiotic 2013 search function to even work?
Thank you.
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Hi Mike,

There is a search function in Outlook 2013 just like 2003. On the top of your mail column, just like 2003.

I would suggest that the reason your search in 2013 didn't come up with anything is because you typed in "speakers" not "speaker" like you did in office 2003.

Don't just give up on the new office, it is much better than 2003.

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michaelheffernanAuthor Commented:
Hello.  Thanks for the response. I used that search bar initially and got a couple of hits.

But I was suspicious with only two items being found, as I knew I had bought several sets of speakers since 2013.  My 2003 search confirmed it.  That's when I turned to the granular search box and tried singular and plural and other settings.
Please note: *all* of the Amazon emails describing my purchases used "speakers," not "speaker".

I am sure O2013 is appropriate for many users; I, however, just need to get things done, not spend countless minutes trying to locate functions which *used* to be readily available.  For example, the crop picture function in Publisher 2013.  It now takes a search party to locate it, as opposed to 2003, where it appears right at the bottom of the screen on a little toolbar whenever an image is highlighted.  Cropping is my most-used function when in Publisher, at least it used to be.

But I digress.  I will rerun the re-index.  Perhaps that will help.  

michaelheffernanAuthor Commented:
Apparently, Outlook was busy reindexing 14,000+ items in the background.  The search seems to be working properly.  It would have been nice to have had some sort of indication from Outlook as to *why* it wasn't finding anything originally. But it is working now.  Thank you.
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