What is the best smart phone

Hi , I have iPhone 4 s , since 3 years ago which is strong and no technical issue , but as I'm old now and looking for larger screen for my eyes , so I'm going to buy larger smart phone and I need your advice about the best android phone with sheep price and large screen , yes may be iPhone 6+ is the largest but it is high price and I have no budget for it , in other hand , I'm worry about android , because last month I purchase huawey for my son but till now it has problem the wi-fi connection is not stable , always connect then disconnect after 10 minutes , even I return it to the buyer , it set it to the factory setting but still has a same problem
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NiceMan331Author Commented:
Sorry , return it to the seller , not the buyer
NiceMan331Author Commented:
By the way , today I found in the market Sony T2 , which has good price and big LCD , but is it good as well ?
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
have you heard of Xiao Mi?

I have used their RedMi few years ago and it can change the screen display as a big screen ver (for elderly persons) The price is reasonably cheap but of course the spec would not be as high end as expected (but personally think its performance is still quite acceptable)

The battery life is relatively longer compare to Samsung and iPhone (I used both before). The backend OS of Xiao Mi phones is using Android.

For more info.
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I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for over a year now. You will get the most amazing screen available (still bigger than iPhone 6+, but also AMOLED which I prefer ever since the first SGS phone I got).
Because the SGS6 (and Edge version) are out for a while now, with the Note 5 looking around the corner, the price, while not bottom, is just edging the premiums pricing. However, when using it, compared to the much more expensive newer phones, it still delivers top performance, with all the extra features (multi windows, pen) to boot.
Then again, Samsung also makes perfect phones for the budget market (since you didn't state your budget). I'd even pitch a Galaxy S3 to compete with Apple. While not as fast, you still get the freedom of Android, good battery life, and still a nice screen for roughly a quarter of the price. Have more budget than 200 bucks, work your way up from S4 to S5 or S6 to fit your budget, every step is better.

As for the wifi problem, did you ever test the phone on another wifi (if problem persists, it's the phone's problem). Did you ever test another device on the wifi (if problem also with other devices, the wifi router/modem is the problem).

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Tom BeckCommented:
Android? You have 24,000 variations to choose from. With iPhone, just a few. The difference then is quality control. Apple has it, Android does not. When some variation of Android has quirks, you have no place to turn to but another variation or an iPhone. That's the reason Android devices are less expensive.

NiceMan331Author Commented:
yes , the wi-fi network is so strong with my iphone
while with android are not
sorry , thus product is not available in our market , meddle east
what is your last simple advice ?
Could be some chipset incompatibility between the Huawei and the wifi router/modem. Should only happen with the most cheap (sub 150 bucks phones). If you test it with some other older modem, and it works at a stable level, that's probably the problem. If it happens still with another older wifi modem, the Huawei has to be serviced or replaced under warranty.

As for simple advice, still go for Android of course. Even second hand used Apple 5, is still the price of 2 excellent totally new SGS3!
NiceMan331Author Commented:
thanx kimputer
what do you think about sony ?
While Sony might seem a good option (after all, they had quality audio equipment, laptops etc), they seem more expensive and also like to leave customers out in the cold, even if they are at fault

- Both the Experia Z and Z1 had screen problems, tightened in a way if would easily crack, even if the user was very careful.
- ALL other manufacturers make the microUSB slot as it should (asymmetrical, so the cable won't fit the other way). Either through stupidity or just to annoy the customer, they made this port SYMMETRICAL, so users thought they were putting in the cable correctly. However, internally it's the default microUSB that is NOT asymmetrical, hence the user would damage the internals.

In both cases, Sony did ABSOLUTELY nothing to solve it, leaving users with massive damages (up to 300 bucks repair costs) etc.

Even when national TV programs (BBC Watchdog in the UK, Radar / Kassa in the Netherlands to name just a few) zoomed in on this problem (gather nationwide response, have laboratories do research etc), they still gave ALL the consumers the middle finger.

Even if their newer phones might be better (I didn't check after that), I'd like to give them the middle finger back for the Z and Z1 fiasco, and hence ignore them.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
actually both of iphone 6 & galaxy 6 are expensive for me
my budjet for new phone is in range of : 200->250 $ only
if no advice for the shipper phone , i will continue using my iphone 4s as a phone only
You forgot I mentioned the SGS3 a few times already. It's a phone just under your budget, where NO other phone can rival it's (quality/speed/screen) / price ratio.
You might even have just enough budget for a Samsung Galaxy S4 if you can find the correct deal.
You will get: bigger screen, AMOLED screen, better camera, freedom of Android, USB storage, delete/edit/create file whenever you want, no need for a program like iTunes to get the most out of your phone, and much much much more.
Actually, a totally new SGS3 is still cheaper than an old used second hand iphone 4s. Which basically means, you should have gotten an SGS3 years ago (I still have it as a spare phone, if I wasn't such a geek, I'd still have it as my main phone and still be able to do whatever I needed).
Tom BeckCommented:
I'm with Kimputer on Sony.

The iPhone 5s has a slightly larger screen than the 4s but not by much. To get the massive screen comparable to the newer Androids you would need the iPhone 6 Plus. Very pricey!

I don't know about the Middle East, but to get an Android in the US with a stable variation of the Android operating system, you would stick with the major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. Each carrier adds their own code and/or modifies the base Android code to customize their devices. A major carrier is more likely to have the resources to create a stable variation.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
sgs3 , you mean samsung galaxy s3 ?
NiceMan331Author Commented:
here the charges is per usage of the network , not as in the US as a plan
NiceMan331Author Commented:
sgs3 screen is 4.8 inches only
It's still bigger than iPhone4 or 5.
You are limited by your budget, not by my suggestions.
Of course, anyone can advice you to buy a sub par brand with a bigger screen. Then you risk (dull LCD screen, bad response from touch, slow operation, less memory, bad camera, etc etc). It's up to you. My SGS3's screen, btw, never had a screen protector. Not a scratch on it after almost 3 years. You probably won't find that either if you steer away from my recommendations.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
let me check its prices
If you dare, go for Huawei again, this time the more expensive Ascend G7 (I'm pretty sure the one for your son was much cheaper?)
NiceMan331Author Commented:
Thanx for you all , I'm sorry again , I go to Sony shop , the presented models having really a very very nice resolution which is same as Bravia , and the size of T2 is also very suitable for me , but I'm still wish to go with your advice
Honestly, if I didn't have this grudge against Sony, that's a good deal indeed. But I have a feeling you live in a country where phones are cheaper than in my country, so i might have missed some higher specced phones to recommend to you.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
I really appreciate , what do you think about Nokia lumia ? Which had good prices , Otherwise , My last option is to extend my budget to buy the best ever , in this case , should I go with iPhone 6+ ?
You forgot I told you the best bang for your buck was the Samsung Note 4, which is cheaper but better than the iPhone 6+. (Better AMOLED screen, stylus pen, multiwindow, etc etc)
There is a big screen Lumia that might fit your budget, but the Windows Phone system has less apps and support might be harder to get if you have general questions (while general Android or iOS question, most of your friends can answer).
NiceMan331Author Commented:
You advices me for SGS3 , is it same of note 4 ?
No, advice on SGS3 was based on low budget. The Note 4 is the best option for higher budget.
NiceMan331Author Commented:
so you recommend it as best ever ? even for galaxy s6 ?
Yes, you forgot to read what I said in previous post just up here. I already mentioned it's the best money can buy for the higher priced phones, even beating the more expensive SGS6 or edge.
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