Server 2008 SBS Folder/file permissions problem?

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Our client running Server SBS 2008, one of the users has reported:

"-    I have a folder on my desktop which only has a shortcut to a website in it.
-    I cannot delete this shortcut or the parent folder, even if I try via \\srv\D$\Users\FolderRedirections\CBrown\Desktop

It says in the Security tab for the shortcut:
You do not have permission to view or edit this object’s permission settings.
so I cannot change the settings.

I even tried logging into the server as both me and your account and trying to delete it there but with no luck.

The folder I would like deleting is:
with only one file in it called
Outlook via Gmail.url
It is the file that has the permission issues, which stop the folder from being deleted.

I also cannot move or copy the file in any way."


I've also had a look on their server and I (even as admin) cannot do anything with this folder.

Any ideas?
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You may have tried already but from both the folder and the one above the problematic one:  try "attrib"  see if it is read only.  remove any attributes with attrib folder/file name -s -h -r

Take ownership with right click-security-advanced

Verify there are no other folders below that make the string exceed the 255 character limit.
The NTFS file security is probably being enforced by ownership of the folder and file as mentioned by Larry.

You need to login as the domain administrator, open an Elevated Command Prompt, edit the following command with the proper path and execute the commands:

takeown /F D:\Users\FolderRedirections\CBrown\Desktop\TEMP\Outlook via Gmail.url
takeown /f D:\Users\FolderRedirections\CBrown\Desktop\TEMP\Outlook via Gmail.url /r /d y

If you have embedded spaces in the file name, you probably need to enclose the path and file name in double quotes.

Here is a link on the solution:

Hope this helps!


Thanks both.

Larry:  It is indeed Read only. I have tried (from an elevated command  prompt):

D:\Users\FolderRedirections\CBrown>attrib desktop -s -h -r

Came back with:

Access denied - D:\Users\FolderRedirections\CBrown\Desktop

Will try TG-TIS's suggestion  later
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if the above does not work you can try this; create a blank directory, let say c:\empty then run robocopy like this
robocopy c:\empty \\srv\D$\Users\FolderRedirections\CBrown\Desktop\TEMP /mir
that will purge the files in \\srv\D$\Users\FolderRedirections\CBrown\Desktop\TEMP and make it the same as c:\empty with no files in it. if you get an error running robocopy please post it here--thanks and good luck.
My client reports:

"I tried to delete that folder on my desktop (that had that shortcut that couldn’t be removed, amended or altered in any way) and it just worked!!"

So whatever was restricting it, has now released it. Strange.

Thanks to all who responded, anyway.


problem resolved but no idea how/why.

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