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How do I detect a certain word in one span and apply it to another span using jQuery?

I have a dynamically generated code that resembles this:
<ul class="list-unstyled col-lg-12 no-padding">
              <h2 class="priceUpdate"> da  €200.00</h2>
				 <h2 class="priceUpdate"><i class="mfcustom-icon-twopay"></i>€193.00</h2>			  

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I need to detect if in the h2.priceUpdate the string " da  " is present and if so insert it just after the <i class="mfcustom-icon-twopay"></i>

Could anyone help me work out how to achieve this via jQuery?

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Ah! I forgot!

I also need to change that second h2 in an h5

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Thanks! I've learned a new trick or two here thanks to you!
You are most welcome.