SBS2011 Daily Backup Report shows "Unable to retrieve backup settings", yet mmc shows a good backup

When I view the backup status through Server Manager, it displays good backups.  Yet the notification email says:
 Last backup: Unable to retrieve backup settings.
 Next backup: Unable to retrieve backup settings.

What is going on?
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Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Can you log in as a different admin and see if you still get the error?
Digital_SkreamAuthor Commented:
The error only shows in the notification email, as stated above.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Hi, a few questions.

When on the SBS Console> Backup and Server Storage> Backup

Does it show as complete on here?

If it does, can you generate a report manually and advise if it says the same?

Is this happening on both Summary and Detailed reports?

If so, try creating a new report and running that.  - Is it the same?
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Digital_SkreamAuthor Commented:
It shows Success in Server Manager > Windows Server Backup.
Windows Server BackupIt shows as not configured in SBS Console > Backup and Server Storage.
Backup and Server StorageWeird.
How do I fix this?
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Ahh ok.  

Presuming that you're backing up to an external hard drive?

If so, run through the 'Configure Server backup' wizard that is on your screen shot.  

It MAY want to format your backup drives to rename  them.  This maybe a problem as it will obviously remove the backups on the drive.  It might not want to but I'm guessing it will.

The reason you're having the issue is because your backups weren't configured via the SBS console originally.
Digital_SkreamAuthor Commented:
Really weird, as the notifications emails have been sending proper reports every morning for the last 2.5 years.  Now suddenly, it just stops.
Maybe it was an update.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Have you added any new backup drives recently?

Could have been an SBS roll up.
Digital_SkreamAuthor Commented:
Tried to run the configure wizard, but it exits with an error message.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Have a look at the console.log located here:
C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs

It may give some further information.
Digital_SkreamAuthor Commented:
The logs don't tell me anything meaningful.
Digital_SkreamAuthor Commented:
I found the problem.
I noticed that one of the disks from the RAID1 array the C: was residing upon was offline - the server was configured using Windows software RAID, even though the drives are attached to a raid controller... yeah, the previous IT guy was a dunce.
(And why this disk failure didn't pop up immediately on my monitors is another issue that I am violently pursuing!)
As soon as I broke the array, and rebuilt the array - VOILA!  The backup emails are flowing once more.
What is more, the backup is now showing the configuration in the SBS console - where it wasn't showing up before.
I find it extremely interesting and worrying that these things are so dependent on the software raid being in good health.

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Digital_SkreamAuthor Commented:
I found the problem, in a seemingly unrelated module.
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