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Raid Degraded

I received an this critical error message (attached) on my server.  I am assuming there is an issue with a disk on the server. Can anyone explain in more detail, and/or provide a solution?

Thank you
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Server model? RAID controller? Number of disks? RAID level? OS?
RAID degraded means one disk from a RAID group was kicked out.  Look at the server , and if it is hot swap, you will see a Drive that has an Amber light or has a red light depending on Server make/model.

Depending on how new the server is. First thing is you need to have a replacement of the same size or larger(space used will be limited to the size of the current drive)

Step two depending on your server make model, you would either simply pull the failed drive and replace it with the new one. Or you would need to use the Server management tool to indicate that you are removing the failed drive, and then just insert the new one.  The rebuild will start shortly after the new drive is recognized, assigned, etc.

The above deals with hardware raid controllers, if your setup is using software raid (OS based disk management)
Server make model, OS, and output of the disk/RAid Setup info is needed to understand what your setup is.

In short, more detail is needed on what steps you've already taken: i.e. did you already identify the issue?

Depending on your setup, time might not be on your side.  The drives are likely of the same age and one having failed, another might follow suit shortly which will make things significantly worse.
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I would recommend you provide a LOT more details when you ask questions. Any answer to your question as it was asked without more details is purely hypothetical and generic.