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Start Menu no longer functions Windows 10

I upgraded a Win 7 machine (HP ProBook latop) to Windows 10.  It seemed to work fine.  Last night it applied some updates.  This morning the start menu no longer opens.  When I click on it, the circle spins, and nothing happens.  I cannot type in the taskbar search box either.
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First thing to try would be a different user to rule out profile corruption.
Does it work when you press the Windows button on the keyboard?

1.  Open up an command prompt or right click on the Start Button and select "Run"
2.  Type "regedit"
3.  Go this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Explorer>Advance
4.  Create a new DWORD (32-bit) value, call it "EnableXamlStartMenu"
5.  Restart Explorer​ from task manager or the whole computer
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I can't add another user.  I can get to the screen to "add someone else to this PC" and the button changes shape when clicked, but nothing happens.

No, it does not open with Windows button.  I added the registry key, and restarted, but same problems.
Try pressing the Windows Logo+C to open the Control Panel or if you can execute a command prompt then simply type "control"

If not then do the ctrl-alt-del then go to File > New Task (RUN) > type "control"
I can get to the control panel.  The right click menu on the start button seems to work, at least it opens a menu, so I assume its doing what its supposed to do.  But even when I navigate to "add a new user" nothing happens.

Seems like multiple pieces of Windows are not working.  Is there a "repair" option?
You can try adding a new user in safe mode.

Another easy way out would be to do a system restore to a date before the START button stopped working.
Was not able to add a user in safe mode.  Used the system restore to an earlier time, and START is back, sort of.  None of the information like recent apps or most used or the tiles is there.  That's not necessarily a big deal, I can recreate it, but don't understand why its gone.

Also, still cannot add a new user.
It's a very odd case.  Did you get any error when trying to add new user?
No, no error message.  I can see the gray box with add a new user, and it changes shape when I click on it, but nothing happens.
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I'm sorry, I don't quite know what you mean by mount the ISO.  Download the ISO file, burn it to a CD and run it?
Mounting is done by simply doubleclicking the ISO. Then, explorer will show it is mounted just like as if you inserted a dvd. And on that dvd, start the setup file.
Thank you.  I am going to close out this question.