Using OneDrive with Windows 10 - not working

Dell Inspiron 15 series 3000 OS Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 8.1)
On taskbar right-hand side there is an upward arrow. When I click on this a menu-box opens with icons for 'bluetooth', 'touchpad properties', my anti-virus program, 'intel graphics 'and 'OneDrive'.
 1. I notice the OneDrive icon is not in the blue colour which it showed in  the identical menu-box in Windows 8.1.
 2. When I right- click on the OneDrive icon a menu opens:  the top option is: 'Open your OneDrive Folder'. This is greyed out and when I click on it nothing happens. Another option is 'Go to', but this is also greyed out and will not open. The same with the option 'View sync problems'. The only options which work are 'help' , 'settings' and 'exit'.
3. I have copied files to the OneDrive folder in the 'File Explorer' window. But when I go to my browser and open OneDrive there (on the internet)  the files I have copied do not appear. The only files which appear are those which I entered into the  cloud OneDrive Folder when I was running Windows 8.1

I need to get OneDrive working. Any help appreciated
Michael MurphyAsked:
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What type of user account are you using in Windows 10? If you set it up with the default m$ account, OneDrive should work out of the box with no issue. If you set it up with a local account you will have to either connect to your m$ account or setup OneDrive to connect to it.
I guess that you need to login (it is not the same OneDrive as it was in Windows 8.1).

Left click on icon in tray -> get started  -> sign in
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
"What type of user account are you using in Windows 10?" How do I find this out? My Microsoft Account is the same as my OneDrive Account. The name and password I use to sign into my laptop are different.

As things stand if I made a change in a document, copy it to OneDrive folder (using File Explorer) I then would expect  the sync process to work, and when I would open OneDrive using my browser, I should see the changed document. That is not happening. The sync process is NOT working.
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Select PC Settings, Accounts. That will show you which user account you are using. If it is an m$ account it will be the same name as your email account, with an @ in the name. If it isn't an m$ account, you can set one up or change your account to an m$ account on that same window.
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Have done this. But still no synchronising taking place and OneDrive icon in taskbar window not functional
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
I have been looking around the internet (at 'support  and' 'fix' sites and 'community groups') and there seems to be a serious problem relating to OneDrive in Windows 10. See, for example,
The System tray in my version continues to say:  "OneDrive - Not signed in".  None of the material which I place in my OneDrive Folder (on my laptop) appears in
Uninstall OneDrive from Windws 10.
Long story short
Kill OneDrive
taskkill /f /im onedrive.exe
Unistall OneDrive
%SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall
Yet, install OneDrive....
%SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /install

I tried it - I uninstalled and installed again OneDrive
So, I would try that...

If that itself don't help try purging files chapter - Cleaning and Removing OneDrive Remnants
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Could definitely use more help on this. What advice would other experts give in relation to the suggestion in the previous post (Predrag Jovic).
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Where is the button or link on the Experts Exchange page to ask for additional attention or help with questions. I want additional help with this.
In your Question there is a "Request Attention".
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
go to settings / accounts and associate a microsoft account with your local account
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Have you gone to Settings via Microsoft Office Account.  My ability to use One Drive is there (I do not use it) and ( do not have a account

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Another thing to consider is that the Upgrade from a prior OS is now known to have bugs. You might consider uninstalling Office and reinstalling. I hope you are using Office 2013.
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
I think a lot of confusion exists with the easy location for settings.  A left click on the OneDrive button enables/disables the service - just like it does for tablet mode, Bluetooth, wireless, and other features listed.
Give this a try.  It sounds like other issues are properly installed.
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
I came on  Microsoft chat support  yesterday because I was not able to access OneDrive. The agent  took control of my system and created a new Account for signing in,  which  enabled OneDrive to work properly.
However when I sign in with this Account I find my document folders and many of my programs have disappeared, although OneDrive is now working.
On the other hand when I sign in with the older Account,  these folders and programs return, but OneDrive no longer works.  Is there any way this can be resolved so that all my files and folders and programs are available, as well as OneDrive on the same signing in Account?
Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
Eventually I got on to Microsoft support,. An agent took control of my system. He set up a new User profile and when I now open with this OneDrive works. However the folder icons which gave me access to most of my documents  were absent in the new Profile and only accessible if I returned to the old User account. Eventually I managed myself to move the folder icons onto the new desktop. But I still need to transfer all my email accounts and folders from the old to the new. I have asked a new question about that issue. 'Transferring Windows Live Mail between Users

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Michael MurphyAuthor Commented:
It worked
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