Can't see data on MAC from PC

Client brought me a Toshiba Laptop running Windows 7, a WD external drive and a Mac laptop running OS X Yosemite.
I transferred her docs, music, video and pictures onto the WD drive.  I'm a PC guy but I managed to copy and paste the folder onto the MAC desktop.  But when I open the folder on the MAC I don't see any files.  How do I make sure the files are there and make them available on the MAC?
Alan SilvermanOwnerAsked:
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I assume you copied everything to the WD drive first.

Does the Mac see the files on the WD drive?

If the Mac doesn't see the files in the folder on the desktop they are not likely there.

I would suggest you drag the folder from the WD into the Documents folder on the Mac instead of copying and pasting.

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Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOCommented:
You aren't able to see the files because the WD is likely formatted as NTFS. Mac does not read that type of drive and the files do not come across properly. If you want to make the files on the WD visible in Mac, then copy the files off the WD to a temporary location, then format the WD drive as FAT32 or exFAT. The easiest way to do this is to use the Disk Utility on the Mac for FAT32 or Mac (or Windows Disk Management) for exFAT. I would personally do exFAT.

When you see the drive plugged in on the mac, go into Disk Utility. Select the WD drive in the left column (this will likely have two listings - the WD and the untitled. Select the WD). Click on 'Partition on the top of the window. Under partition layout, click 'current', then select options on the bottom. In the options window, select 'Master Boot Record' and then OK. Type  name for the hard drive, then select exFAT as the drive's file format. Click Apply. Once you do that and the format is complete, copy the files from the Windows PC back to the drive and Voila!

Let me know if this works. :)

Bodhi NadlerLead Mac DaddyCommented:
You probably just made an Alias.  Is there a little black arrow on the folder?  If so, try copying a folder from below the root of the drive.  Apple doesn't like to copy entire drives when you drag them over, and by default will make an alias to the drive.  If you hold the Option key while dragging, you should get a green plus icon, which indicates that it will be copying everything over.  Including hidden files...
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Bodhi NadlerLead Mac DaddyCommented:
Mac ABSOLUTELY can read NTFS formatted volumes, by the way.  Just can't always write to them.
I agree with Bodhi. There is no necessity to reformat the drive. Macs can read from NTFS drives, they just can't write to them.
Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOCommented:
In my experience, it's more of a headache than it's worth to try to write Windows files to an NTFS drive and count on them being read properly in a mac. I understand that 'technically' it "ABSOLUTELY" can, but I've personally lost enough hours wasting my time with it over the years. We're all here to help, and it's nothing but something to try and a simple 2 cents from someone with a lot of mac experience.
Alan, before you copied the folder, did you make sure that you had enough free space on the Mac HD for the contents?

Also, it is possible that you ejected the WD drive before the copy got underway.

Try my method of dragging the folder. If the folder is large, you should get a progress bar showing you how long it will take to complete.
Alan SilvermanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your suggestions but strung got it first time out.   I dragged and dropped and it transferred everything.
Thanks again,
Roy BeneVP/Director - IT | ISOCommented:
Good solution, Strung!
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