How to clear location on facebook?

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Hi EE experts!

We would like to ask for technical support on how to clear or delete the location on facebook, what we want to happen is to remove one location then it will be gone automatically from every post that was used that location. Is it possible?
Because we would to clear the post on this site:

And how to get inside of that "pages"? Because we want clear that page was created by we don't know who and how... We noticed that every person who post anything and use our company name as location and set that post be seen by Public, it will show on that page too... How can we stop that? Because we have our real fanpage and not that one that show on google everytime you search our company name + facebook...
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Other than complaining to facebook (good luck) you haven't got many options
My location with Facebook is set to private/turned off and my router gives a false address.
It's very difficult to control what other friends of friends in Facebook see
Probably the simplest is to deny a group. go through the accepted friends group and who their friends are.
Use this guide as a starter
Facebook Places: How to Adjust Your Privacy Settings
To determine who can see your Facebook check-ins. You will find this setting under the section entitled "Things I Share."
And this one>
Location History is a setting that allows Facebook to build a history of your precise location. When Location History is on, Facebook will add your precise location to your activity log, even if you leave the app... See More

And this one.
"Clearing Facebook Location"
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Turning 'off' own privacy location is first ting to do to ensure future posting exclude location
However for existing post with location only already stated, the facetime cleaner and absterge script may need further customisation but I still will not see guarantee full cleaning.
another mean I am pondering is the use of iMacro for automating task

Concurrently is to report to facebook on your situation and believe this is more straightforward going ahead safely ..

For info on useful GreaseMonkey script repository -


Though it's not the exact solution that we need, but we found great ideas which is similar to this matter... Thank you so much!

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