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MAX function

Simple question: I am using MAX(Cell1,Cell2). Each of Cells 1 and 2 are derived from elsewhere (by using =Cell 3, and so on).
But I get the wrong answer. Cell 1 is actually greater than Cell 2, but the =MAX function gives Cell 2 as the greater. Why?
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Subodh Tiwari (Neeraj)
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Please check the formula of the cells where these cells are derived from i.e. cell3. That may look like a number but should be formatted as text. to check that in any cell type a formula given below.....


Where cell3 is the address of the cell and make sure it returns True.
And if it returns False that means that number is text not the real number.

If that doesn't help, please upload a sample workbook.
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Ryan Chong
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I don't think that should be the case because max formula suppose to give you cell1 has a answer..

Have you gone to formulas-->calculations options-->See it's automatic not manual..

Even after that if it doesn't give you the correct answer the can you update your sample file...

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The "Value" solution worked. Thanks. Regarding the "text" as opposed to "number" formats, I tried ISNUMBER, and one of the cells remains TRUE (i.e. is a number, not text) despite all my changing this cell and the 'upstream' cells to text. Seems odd!
But thanks, both, anyway. Any ideas on this "text" as opposed to "number" anomaly?
. . . and Saurabh, it's definitely on 'automatic'.
>>Any ideas on this "text" as opposed to "number" anomaly?
most probably it's because the cell's value was imported in text format, rather than normal number values.

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