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DNS redirect

Hello hope this is a simple one

We have a helpdesk portal site hosted at a long URL for our clients

To simplify we want to have an extension of our domain redirect seamlessly to that link.

For example:

will in turn redirect to

Is this done in DNS or IIS and how so?
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Will Szymkowski
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Redirects are done in the IIS application virtual directory. You would use something like an HTML tag to do a redirect.

CNAME records are just a DNS alias that points to a server. Redirects happen at the applicaiton layer.

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Paul MacDonald
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paulmacd thanks it worked however everything is redirecting now including
Hmm.  You created a virtual directory under your domain name (, pointed the virtual directory toward the remote site, but the whole site is being redirected?

Are you sure you didn't go into DNS and point to the IP address for
Thanks Paulmac it was a simple mistake on our end your suggestion worked!