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Exchange Server 2003 Receive Issues

This is a strange one. Our Exchange Server 2003 started having strange receive problem about a week ago. One or the first receive issues was from Outlook 365 accounts. Mail sent to it from Outlook 365 accounts would just not show up. The few bounce message that it did generate were to the effect that it timed out trying to deliver the message.

   Only by trying a million different things did I stumble across the SSL Cert. If I re-key the cert mail from Outlook 365 accounts will start coming I to the server again but only for about 6 hours and then they stop. Re-keying the SSL cert seems to start it again but only for 6 hours. Very strange.

   No signs of errors. Nothing in the logs. Microsoft's analyzer says things are perfect. GoDaddy looked at the site and said the cert was fine. Has anyone ever seen such a thing? Any ideas?
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I heard similar issue sometime back. One of EE users posted something similar and Microsoft provide the solution. Let me check, if I can find that question.
Re-keying the cert to fix it almost sounds like a problem with a revocation process, which would be delayed either through the provider or the server requesting the check.

Sorry I don't have anything further (also, I'm not so familiar with 2003 Exchange to boot) to offer with this limited amount of information. Have you tried to turn off any SSL/PKI authentication/encryption on the SMTP "receive connector", in Exchange 2007+ parlance?
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