cant open excel file

Georgeidp used Ask the Experts™
cannot open excel file.  something with delimiter.

windows 7 pro, office 2010
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Scott CSenior Engineer

Can you please post what the actual error message is?  

It's like calling your auto mechanic and saying "My car won't work....what's wrong with it?".


I have to get the error message up again and will let you know.  its only two files.  both delimiter problems.


sorry about that it was a word file.  and there some excel files.

word file error.

header record delimiter:

then it gives dropdown choices :
field delimiter
record delimiter

right now they are both set for none.  someone else created these files.

Senior Engineer
It sounds more like it's asking you which delimiter to use.

If you are asking which delimiters to choose, I would say "use tab characters for the field delimiters, and Enter (carriage return/line feed) for the record delimiters. If there are any tab characters in your data, you have to wrap the field in "text delimiters", which are normally double-quote characters "". If you have double-quote characters in your data, double them up.

Give that a try and see what happens.
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering Consultant
Top Expert 2016

Can you post the file here so we can analyze it?


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