Adding AD users from workstation to specific groups

**Edit** I just wanted to clarify here, I am not specifically looking for someone to write this for me. If they had it that would be nice, :) I was just looking to be pointed in the right direction.

(Server 2012 R2)

I need information on if this is possible or not - I assume it is, with some work.
Change in procedure as lead to a need to allow specific non-admin users the ability to create users in AD.
We have a Sharepoint site for clients (hundred or so new clients a month on average), the way we do it now is admin logs in, goes to OU "SharepointClients" and looks for "Client X", if "Client X" exisits creates a new user in that OU, if no "Client X", creates it then adds the user. All these users are add to one Security Group, "SharepointClients".
Is it possible to have a script\winApp that asks these simple questions

New user
Exisiting user (so we can just change the password if the client forgot it)

IF new user
Drop down menu displaying all OU's within "SharepointClients"
or else "Create New OU" called xxx
Add User OU
First Name
Last Name
User Login Name
Password Never Expires
Memeber of "SharepointClients"

if Exisiting user
would just allow them to reset password.

Does this make sense?
Error checking on user name should not be an issue (the users are created as their specific client ID number)
This does not need to have any bulk import or creation features.
These account also do not need any Exchange mailboxes or external email addresses at all, just a user within a specific OU.

I have looked at and have been playing with

though I have not gotten it work yet,
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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
You can script the whole thing, but it would be a good bit of code. Not necessarily difficult, though. I don't have enough time to write the whole thing, but here are some powershell cmdlets that will come in handy for you.

Use Powershell's switch command to do the work of deciding between whether it's a new user or existing user. has info. Basically you'd have the creation script in one part of the switch and the existing user stuff in the other part. This method is cleaner and easier to work with that nested if statements.

You'll want to use the AD powershell interface for this, assuming you have Windows 2008 R2 or higher (or if you have the 2008 R2 RSAT installed on a windows 7 machine). You can either launch that directly or run import-module activedirectory from a powershell console on a computer that has it.

get-adorganizationalunit will help you determine if an OU for the customer exists.

new-adorganizationalunit will create a new OU for you

new-aduser will let you create a new user in that OU.

add-adgroupmember will let you add the new user to the group you want

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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
For something like this to work you need to Delegate Control First to the users that do not have admin access. You delegate control to a specific OU where the users can then create/modify current users within this specific OU.

From there the app you have listed in the link will work for these users. Delegation needs to be in place fisrt.

Delegate Control of an OU

RichardPhippenAuthor Commented:
most excellent information. Thank you both.
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