Network discovery on different subnet

We recently created a new vlan on our Cisco switches.  Since then we are no longer able to view the network objects on that vlan but only the ones on the vlan it is on.  Is this a switch setting that I need to apply so I can view all network objects on all subnets?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Network discovery does not work beyond subnets (or it would be discovery stuff all over the world). I am pretty sure it is not just a setting.
It sounds like whatever software you are using to view the network objects is only performing a local subnet scan.   Under the settings or setup of this software, is there an option to add additional subnets for scanning/viewing?
Define "view."  Do you mean ping?  Provide access to?  telnet?  Get the ip address of?  What exactly are you trying to do and what kind of objects are on the other vlan you're trying to access?
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NytroZAuthor Commented:
I am trying see the objects under the Network option in Windows Explorer.  I am only able to see the computers that are on the same vlan and not all computers on the domain.  I don't have a problem accessing these devices if I know name or IP.
It is normal behavior for Windows PC's to only see others in the same VLAN.  You'll need to set up the WINS service (usually on the same server as DNS) to allow PC's and servers to find each other across VLAN's.

Here is some lite reading on the subject.

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You can only see hosts in other VLANs if you set up the VLANs for layer three routing (and you'll either need a "router on a stick" setup or a layer switch to do so).  Because the hosts in the other VLAN are on a different subnet you must route between them to access them.  You do this by creating a vlan interface, which is just a fancy term for assigning an IP address to a vlan.  The hosts in the VLAN should use that vlan interface as their default gateway.  Once this is done, you'll have connectivity between the VLANs.  If the VLANS are on different switches, you'll have to establish a trunk between them.
I'm really baffled as to how WINS would solve the original poster's issue, and moreover, how my last comment which directly related to inter-vlan traffic garnered zero points.
NytroZAuthor Commented:
I already had VLANs setup and was able to access the devices on each VLAN.  The issue I was having was I was not able to view the devices on different vlans other than my own.
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