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Powershell to copy File Owner from one file to another

I am trying to copy File & Folder Owner details from a duplicate folder structure (restored from a backup) to their original source folder structure after resetting permissions that required me to take ownership of every original

Using Get-ACL gives me the correct original owner
Get-ACL "$SFullPath" | Select-Object Owner

I have tried using it in Set-ACL  but Powershell does not like this
$NewACL = Get-ACL "$SFullPath" | Select-Object Owner
Set-ACL "$TFullPath" $NewACL

I have also tried SetOwner but I think the format of Get-ACL "$SFullPath" | Select-Object Owner includes too much data
$OldOwner = Get-ACL "$SFullPath" | Select-Object Owner
$NewACL.SetOwner([System.Security.Principal.NTAccount] $OldOwner )

How do I correct the format of Get-ACL "$SFullPath" | Select-Object Owner to just show the user name?

Or is there a simpler way of using Powershell to do what I want?
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It's not Powershell, but RoboCopy will do what you want.

I think I may have found what you are looking for.  Take a look at this blog.
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Sorry but I don't want to use RoboCopy

Copy-ACL does not seem to allow only copying Owner information
Restore the files backing up with directory folder permissions that will bring all permissions back as before.
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